It is the NIGHT OF THE REUNION. Everyone is exctied. The bands have been practicing and the doors open at 4. WHAT AM I DOING ON THE COMPUTER????


  1. Donald Bunnell

    I bought the Buggy in 1983 and had a vision of a nightclub that would feature local bands doing original music. I had been visiting many of the local clubs and saw just how many fine bands there were in the Wilmington area. I was very impressed with the Drinkers – went to Joe’s Sportsman’s Lounge in West Chester every..Tuesday as I recall to see them. When I bought the Buggy, I started with live bands 2 nights a week but quickly went to 6 nights. I never believed in a cover charge (pay to get into a place to pay for your drinks?) and it left me with little resources to pay the bands. To the musical community I will ALWAYS be grateful – I had the best musicians play for me at…discount prices. It was the greatest time of my life and I got to throw a party every night with some damn fine talent to boot. I’ll post some of my specific memories later, but I just want to thank all the musicians who played for me – I got to see the best local talent every night for almost 15 years and I will never forget how wonderful my Buggy was for both the patrons and the musicians. BTW – this blog is a great idea Gina – thanks.

  2. Nik Everett

    Where do I start? The Buggy was a huge factor in my formative years. My band, The Nik Everett Group got to be so popular there we had our own night, “Nik Nite” on Thursdays just like The Bluerocks had their “Blue Tuesdays”. The music was fun and free and the good times flowed for all us, musicians and audience. It really was the music mecca of Wilmington in it’s day and we did not even know it at the time. Thanks to Don Bunnell and of those who supported myself and my music.


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