Wayne and Gary Watson reunited after many years at the Horse & Buggy Reunion.. April 6, 2013. Playing with the band “THE BLUE ROCKS”. Also including Randy Coleman, Chris Sherlock and Wayne Beardwood.

Some photos I and others took when The Watson Brothers returned to play with Sin City at Mojo’s.

Glad to be back! Wayne Watson!

Glad to be back! Wayne Watson!

Gary Watson

Gary Watson

A LOST AND FOUND VIDEO FROM BACK IN THE DAY — The Watson Brothers at Hermines singing “I’ll Be Around”


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  1. Shirley Horne

    Gina, you made my day taking me back in time. Yes, I was a small part of the music scene in Wilmington, in the 60’s (graduated in 69) and again in the mid 70’s. It is great to see that Wayne & Gary are still making music. I’m only 2 hrs away, but a planet away as far as keeping up with my old music comrades.
    I went to school with Lindsey Lee and George T. and Mark Kenneally. We all went to see Van Morrison together at Villenova College and Tim Buckley at the Main Point, as well. George was all about Mick Jagger, old blues artists, peanut butter, and baseball. He used to practice piano on my mother’s old piano. I remember many other musicians that I can’t help but wonder about: Gary Cogdale, Bob Bowersox, Dave Daller, Ricardo, Jim Crawford (my old flame), Pup Williams, Ted Munda, Barry Jedlica, to name a few. Wayne Watson was my teenage crush (he knew) and I once walked 4 miles at the age of 13 to stalk him! Mark was my best friend and confidante for a couple years. The music scene was incredible back then and I falsely thought it always would be. I wish I had some pictures to send you – I’ll look around. I remember Hermines, the Blue Boar Inn, Romels in the Fairfax Shopping Center, Chads Ford Inn, etc. How about the gal singers? I remember Madelaine Brown, Sandy Yarnell, Lisa Jack. Anyway, enjoyed the update. Thanks, Shirley

    1. 80sMusicBlog Post author

      I saw Lindsay at a Sin City Band Reunion. I have a YouTube Channel and it was their 40th reunion. Garry Cogsdell is still playing regularly at a small bar under the St. Georges Bridge — I was there last night seeing Billy Pierce. Mark K and I have also been friends since the 70s and I know he and George T were friends. I went to Concord and graduated with Jeff Simon, his drummer — No Jeff was a year behind me. I followed the Watson’s when they played with Pup and Bob Bowersox at Hermines. I keep in touch with Wayne but he lives in California now. Jimmy Crawford plays drums with Garry Cogsdell. I saw Garry for a few minutes last night. I think everyone had a crush on Wayne Watson. :). Nice comment — Thanks.

  2. Marty Reynolds

    Hi Wayne and Gary!

    Remember me? My dad Bob Reynolds was cousins with your dad. Besides that…you both stopped at my house way back in 1974 in Harding Pa. You brought your guitars and played for the family. “Just whistle, and slippin on by” are still in my head. I thought of you guys over the years and was breezing through the internet and found you both. I trust all is well with you. I was just learning how to play guitar back then. Still playing today! I still hold much admiration to the both of you. I’d love to stay in contact with you or if I’m ever in your neck of the woods, would love to hear you guys play again. You can find me on facebook too. May we stay in touch?

  3. 80sMusicBlog Post author

    For all of you that did not know Gary Watson died about 4 months ago. Wayne is still living and writing songs. Gary had one last CD that is available on Amazon and perhaps other sites. Its name is “Gary Watson”.


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